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Should I Promote My Content?

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Re: Should I Promote My Content?

Hi Aditya,

Yes, you should promote your content because that is primarily how you will get people to your site. Promoting your site through social media will not make your articles or videos "duplicate" or copied content. Most of the time you would only need to share the link to your site's new content, and maybe a sentence or two taken from the actual article to get users interested. That won't make the article or video copied content since you will be linking to the original article.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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I believe the 'new' SEO is to do actual marketing rather than JUST the little SEO tricks. Yeah you should do the SEO basics especially onpage-SEO, but if you focused on the marketing part of Affiliate Marketing (free and paid) you'll see that the 'SEO' (search engine traffic) will take care of itself.

We need to earn the search engines trust, one way to do that is to show them that we have a social presence and visitor activity on our sites.

Getting traffic from social sites like Facebook is one way to do it. Like Cecille said share your content by linking to it, for example on Facebook you would link to your newest blog post making sure it has a good image and headline to get the clicks to your blog post.

Once they land on your posts and you can get them to read it you'll get comments and clicks to other content and maybe even a sale or sign-up if the content was good and crafted to get conversions.

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Of course. you can promote your content in social media site. If you worked SEO in your content then i hope you will get good leads.
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Yes you should promote your content. Three things to promote a content – create great content, making sure it gets found in search engines and promoting it to your followers.
Social networking sites are great platform for content marketing. Facebook gives three different way to post your content –link posts, posts with images and video media.
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Off course, you should promote it to social media, communities, through discussions and some other relevant place. Your content is of no use if it doesn't have any audience. Moreover, a good and effective content is always helpful in generating good traffic and leads, You just only need to understand user behavior, their search queries and perfect placement of placing and targeting keywords.
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There seems to be a lot of anxiety about content being "copied" or "duplicate" out there these days. It really doesn't seem like it should be of such concern. If one's articles are well thought out, useful, & beneficial to the reader & if you're just linking to them instead of actually copying them word for word, this shouldn't be. Let go of the anxiety & link...you wrote it to be read in the first place! :)
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Yes, you should promote your content to raise the traffic of your website. Promoting the content has boils down to three things like creating the content so that it can be crawl by the Google, promote the content to your follower, use the social media sites it is a great platform for promoting the content.
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Yes! Obviously, you should promote your content to get your website Benefits.
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