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Should I Noindex Pages That Dont Convert?

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Should I Noindex Pages That Dont Convert?

I am working on a site that has a large number of pages. Many of the pages that rank and get found in the SERPs actually do not convert very well.

If I NOINDEX all of those pages, will that help the pages that are still indexed to rank better?

Basically, there is no point in taking all of the pages that are low converting out of the search engines if it doesnt boost the ranking of the others.

Any thoughts? Thanks!
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When you say converting, do you refer to sales and/or signups?

If you are only referring to SEO, then removing junk quality pages will help your site overall as mentioned in the latest Google updates.
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Why would you like to get non-converting pages out of search engines? Because that might help in ranking other pages better? Doing that will surely not help other pages in SEO. NOINDEXING those lower conversion pages would not benefit your other pages. Just find out the reasons behind such low conversion rate and make some improvements. And one more thing, if you NOINDEX the pages that don't convert well, you have no guarantee that it will be replaced by other pages but you do have a guarantee that these pages won't rank anymore.
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one thing that I like to do with pages that aren't converting well is remove the direct affialite ads, and use them to funnel traffic to other articles with a stronger buyer intent keyword.
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