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SEO woes with a broad niche

dale roberts
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SEO woes with a broad niche

So I'm trying to build a site around the self help niche... I'm finding it quite difficult to really boil it down to a sub niche. Its just so broad and hard to put good keywords into the articles. Maybe I am using phrases that are to long or something I dont know but-

I was thinking of attracting people in thru the relationship angle but then as some of the articles are hard to place keywords into them for that niche I was thinking of trying to find other keywords from other subniches for the tricky articles.
Would this be an ok way to go or am I kind of defeating myself before I even begin??? Oh I wish I wasnt a newbie!!!!

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What kind of keyword? For self-help niche you can always aim for the popular "how to ,,,," keywords. They can blend in the article easily and they are usually buying keywords.
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I find that with self help focusing on the mindset aspects tends to work best. There are so many things you can do with the mindset that there are tons of topics to focus on.

you could focus on a specific technique, like journalling, or using affirmations, you can focus on a specific mindset problem like building confidence or self esteem. you could focus on something like the law of atttraction, or daily meditations. There are so many things that you can do with this niche.

I am also working on a blog where I cover the genralities, and funnel traffic through to my other sites on making money, relationships, and health related topics.
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It would be best to go to forums related to your niche so that you could find good keywords. You could target a specific problem/group (ie personal development for teenagers, for single moms, for those who are overweight, etc).
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