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SEO Tools are Showing 0 Backlinks for my Site

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SEO Tools are Showing 0 Backlinks for my Site

When using ahrefs.com to check my backlinks it showing that I have 41 backlinks, which sounds reasonable given that I lately have build around 40 backlinks.

But the strange thing is that both Traffic Travis and Market Samurai are showing 0 backlinks. How could that be? Do I have backlinks or not?
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There are SEO tools that do not count the backlinks you created, but count only those that are indexed by search engines. Also, if you created the backlinks today, it will not appear or be counted by Traffic Travis right away. Search engines need to index or recognize the backlinks first.

I suggest you give it a few days then check back.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Actually every tool show the different result. So need not to mention it.
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Yes all SEO tools for checking backlinks vary in terms of results. There are no tools that can tell you exactly the same number of backlinks you have. You may also find that there are tools that can only provide the number of backlinks that are close to what you actually have.
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