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SEO Service for Gambling Affiliate Site

teresa fernandez
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SEO Service for Gambling Affiliate Site

Hi guys,

We stared a gambling affiliate site almost a year ago and we are now looking for an SEO service to outsource to.

We have about 9 keywords ranking top 10 in Google.co.uk (our focus market) and 6 ranking top 5 but we're just not getting enough traffic.

The site is currently getting around 600 UV / month but it's making a decent albeit small income right now.

The site has 5,322 backlinks to the site from 231 domains. We've been using AMA and UAW and some of the major article directories (ezine, goarticles, etc).

We're looking for an SEO service to really kick this off and drive 2x or 3x more targeted traffic. It can be on a monthly fee basis or individual SEO plans (does that make sense?) to take care of all SEO activities focusing on 5 or 10 target keywords with attractive search volumes that can really drive traffic and conversion to the site.

We have 3 keywords that we already know we need to rank top in Google.co.uk, but we're already ranking on page two for one of them. The rest would need to be researched and they would need to be online slots keywords.

Since we don't have thousands to spend on this right now, it would be great if we can find someone that offers a scale-up plan. As traffic and earnings increase, we will reinvest and spend more and more on your SEO services to continue growing - so we're looking for a long-term relationship here.

We're really looking forward to finding someone that can deliver results in weeks. Please PM us or send us an email to [email protected]

We need to outsource this ASAP.

Tere & Gil
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I think I should recommend you HarvestSeo
I've heard that they are one of the best SEO company who serves SEO services. Hope this may help.
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Search engines rank websites based on two major factors: unique content that contains pertinent keywords, and link popularity - the number of quality incoming links to your website. Other important factors that determine your ranking with search engines are the architecture of the site, the visibility of your content, its underlying code and how natural your site appears to the engines.I suggest thewebpole.com. Here you can get better SEO service than other providers.while choosing an provider compare the plans with the others and try to select the best one
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Well there are thousands of SEO companies that clams to have great work. But you should see the previous records and achievement of any SEO company before giving it work .

eCommAngels is the UK based company that are doing great work of SEO you can check the previous achievements of this company on their site. That might be helpful.

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Rankpay is an SEO service that everyone needs to know about. They are providing an invaluable service, and it’s only a matter of time until everyone knows about them. They provide performance based search engine optimization. The best part about it? ZERO setup fees.
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I agree that HarvestSeo is a good SEO company, the problem is, a lot of the 'top' SEO companies won't take on gambling sites.
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