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SEO general advice desperately needed

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SEO general advice desperately needed

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do proper SEO for a law firm website ?

Thank you.
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Hi Cassie,

I would think that the usual on-page and off-page SEO principles still apply regardless of the type of niche. In other words, optimize their content to be search engine friendly and build links to the pages that target keywords to be ranked in the search engine.

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Definitely grab yourself some legitimate .gov backlinks. I would think this is an important factor of your competing sites rankings.

Check this by reverse engineering your competition to find out what types of backlinks they are getting.

A lot of the usual backlinking tactics would apply but I'd be extra careful that your links don't look spammy. In my opinion a law related website needs to be very legitimate in every way.

Try some high quality article marketing with unique law-related articles too.

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Those are great pointers Dave333!

I agree, getting .gov back links would definitely help boost your SEO and online reputation. So try get those when you can. And yes, be wary of coming across as spammy since you are promoting a legal site.
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Not only gov but also link exchange with law sites / forums.
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