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I want ask the relation between products name and the domain name i choose , if i pick general domain name like (steps for better health) when i promote any health products( product which i promote will not be the same for my domain name and off course i can't buy new domain name every time i pick products to promote so i have Questions here
1- when some one Google my product name is it my product will show in search engine even it was not the same my domain name ?
2- if another competitor make his domain name same his product which i promote is that will give him Precedence in SEO(i mean his web site will stay above me even my content was better from him)
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Short Answer

In the end a domain name on it's own wont wont determine who is ranked first, however it may give a few brownie points.

When a user is looking at the domains however, an exact match will be more likely to grab their attention and give the impression of more authority on the matter. ~ Who sells the best tea? A tea store or a supermarket?

Long Answer

I find that time is often a more important factor than domain name.

Matt Cutts from Google "claims" that a domain name doesn't affect SEO rankings much anymore, though I'm not so sure I believe him.

If you're promoting your own products, I would buy the domain to prevent others taking it.
If you're promoting someone elses products, I would check that there is nothing in the affiliate terms and conditions preventing you from using their product name in a domain name and also consider possible trademarks.

Overall it is best to have a large authority site with many natural visitors and lots of good content.

However your statement "Of course i can't buy new domain name every time i pick products to promote" may not exactly be true.

Having a very targeted small website can also sometimes get you many sales if the niche isn't too competitive. I've seen Google many times give preference to small targeted sites over huge authority sites when the small site is very targeted with good SEO. The payouts can be quite good. As long as you made $10 in sales per domain per year you're really at no loss.
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Domain name doesn't matter to take your site up in SERPs and get good SEO results. There are very successful websites that doesn't have the same name as their business but are very successful. You only need to concentrate on website title, meta tags, alt tags, images, description, keyword ratio and content. Talk about inner pages, you can make SEO friendly URLs using target keywords in it. This will help your website rank better in SERps.
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When I started affiliate marketing 2 years ago, I would buy exact math domain names such as productnamereview.com or mykeyword.com and it would rank really fast in the search engines. And yes, it still works today as long as you provide great content.

Now I focus more on building authority sites because I find it more budget friendly. It starts to add up every year renewing my domain names. For example, lets say you want to target 10 keywords. Would you rather pay $10/yr with one authority site targeting those 10 keywords or pay $100/yr targeting just one keyword per domain name?
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