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Seeking Good Keyword Tracker Tool for Mac

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Seeking Good Keyword Tracker Tool for Mac

Does anyone know of a good Mac compatible keyword tracking application?

I've used rank checker from SEOTools but I'd like to see how my rankings have progressed over time. SheerSEO.com is a great one but $10 per month / domain can be a little pricy when you have a lot of domains and aren't making much money yet.

Thanks for the help guys.

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Hi Tony,

have a look at Josh Spauldings Hot Niche Spy. http://tinyurl.com/H-N-Spy.

Although it delivers much more than you are looking for, but it should be the answer to your question.

Let me know.
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Any other tracking apps for MAC out there?
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I'd be interested in a 1 time fee of like $25 for one of these apps for mac. I definitely struggle with keywords.
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is google adwords keyword tool support by Mac?
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google keyword tool is an online tool so type of computer doesnt matter.
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We are currently building an online suite of tools in Traffic Travis which have a release date set for near the end of this year. Please keep an eye on the Affilorama blog as you will probably be notified through there first.

All the best!
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