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search results page

mark schaaf
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search results page

Hello, I launched my travel site towards the end of august and at first it didn't even show in the top 100 pages in the search results. Since then I have been doing all the stuff i am supposed to with submitting to directories, articles putting up a lens on squidoo and hub pages and many others. I have been watching my site climb up the pages and for 1 very specific keyword phrase I am on page 1, great but who but me will type in that phrase. However I was on page 6 for the phrase italian travels page 8 for italian travel and page 9 for italian vaction. I think things were going great, still not selling anything but I kind of think who books vacations this time of the year. Anyhow while looking over my site I noticed some grammar mistakes that I missed along with a couple expired banner adds for discount flights for a certain date range as well as for cruises so I replaced them with different banners. I also check my links everyday and they have been climbing and as of 3 days ago I only had 9, while checking today I now had 14, some of the travel directories I submitted to and another article I posted links showed up. So I decided to see if my site shows up higher in the search results and for some reason I can't find it anywhere in the top 75 pages. the only way I can find it is if i use the very specific keyword phrase and i still show up on page 1. but what happened to the others, could it be from changing the grammar mistakes I found which was only on a couple pages, I also added a few lines of text to 2 sections. So could it be what I changed, could it be the new banners to the people I am doing business with. I can't imagine my new links having anything to do with it since they are all related and from well ranked places. Will my search rank return soon or will it take as long as it did in the first place. Is there something I should not have done. I am a little confused about this since I worked so hard to get to where I was. thanks Mark
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Your site is new so it will vary

I see you have done some articles etc

Here is a list I use to supplement what you have done

Oh did I mention backlinks , after you get some get some more and when you have done that get some more

Make blogs at Wordpress.com Blogger.com(google)
Register with if you have not already done so and submit your site
digg.com, propeller.com,twitter,com,Slashdot.org,Connetea.com,Zimbio.com,Quizella.com,Newsvine.com,blurbosphere.com

Make lens on, squidoo.com, Make hub at hubpages.com

Submit articles to


Get your RSS or Atomfeed, social bookmark to
Rss submission websites.

Link to your feed from those
squidoolens, hubpages etc etc
here is a list of rss sites ( I haven’t checked it lately so could need updating

When doing this vary the links in your articles etc, don’t have them all pointing to your home page, point one to your site and the other to the other articles and sites like squidoo etc
Do not create a link wheel just randomly link to your other submits
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mark schaaf
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thanks for the help 96754 I have submitted to about 15 directories as well as D moz most of then were months ago and still haven't seen a thing. already have a Squidoo lens and have been working on a hub at hub pages, have submitted articles to at least 8 different places, the difficult things is the articles and all the re writing of them. I hear so much about how search engines consider duplicate content but is there a rule of thumb about how many times the same article can be sent. for example, check my backlinks everyday and see that one of my articles from ezine articles is also being used by a travel blog and i know that ezine articles does this but I am getting a backlink from both, so it makes me wonder can i sent the same article to maybe 5 or 6 places and get backlinks from all of them or is that too many places for the same article. I am guessing there is some kind of cut off point somewhere. also I don't know to much about RSS feeds yet I kind of just started reading about them, I do know my web editor has a tool to add it to my site but I don't have any of the articles I have published on my site, so I am not sure how to do an RSS feed from the article site to each other, I will have to do some more research. I am still confused with the whole SEO search results thing. yesterday when i asked my question my site was no where to be found unless i used a specific keyword string but later in the afternoon when i typed in italian travels I was in the middle of page 1 and thought to myself WOW but then again today no where. I normally use yahoo and they are a little goofy because I will type in italian travels and they say they have included italian travel with no s on the end and i see nothing, however if i click on the end of there little not see only italian travels there i am again on page 1. so I checked Google and if i type in italian travels I show up on page 3 if i type in italian travel and no S I don't see my site, what puzzles me the most about this is my site title has Italian travels in it as well as my url but my H1 tag has italian travels and italian vacation in it and on my home page I use italian travels 2 times Italian travel 7 and italian vacation 8 times, my keywords for my home page has all of them and only once so i just don't get it, when i use Traffic travis I get an A for SEO when using all 3 of my main keyword strings but I only get high search results for 1 of them and it is the one I don't use the most. Of course I would rather have the high rank for italian vacation over any of the others since I think that is what most people will look for, even at that I was on page 10 of yahoo and 12 on google before I fixed my mistakes and changed the banners. sometimes things are just difficult to figure out when things change like this.
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your site can do the google dance for up to 6 months with a new site especially on highly competitive search terms. I see similar results with other search engines like yahoo as well.

dont check it so often. I usually only check mine once a week or so. I also answered this in more detail in your other post.
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