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reduce page load time

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reduce page load time

How to reduce page load time? Is there any tool or idea that helps to improve page load time.
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Try testing your page load speed on www.gtmetrix.com. If your site loads under 3 secs, then you are good to go. This indicator will tell you what to do to improve your page load time.
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Host your video and photo content off site to reduce the bandwidth usage. This is especially important if your visitors are linking to your content.

Another thing you should do is to get rid of scripts on your page that can reduce load time or cause lagging.

These tips will greatly increase your page load time and ensure the site visitor has a pleasant experience while at your site.
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ketul.parmar wrote:How to reduce page load time? Is there any tool or idea that helps to improve page load time.

Website page speed depends upon the type of content you added in it. If your web page contains more images and videos the page loading speed will be more. The reason behind this is videos and images consume more memory and it slows down the speed of web page.
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Website speed is depends on website content as well as website coding.
If you have added flash video, high resolution images with heavy java script effect then obviously your website would take time to load.
So make it simple.
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Web page loading speed is the most important part of the site's usability.The page load time is always minimum because everybody wants to load a page within a seconds.

for reducing the page load time use following key points:

reduce the size of images
Use compression techniques
Enable browser caching
Don't use messy code
Optimize css delivery
Reduce the no. of plugins
Avoid redirects
Placed javascript at the end of the document
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