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Please review my site! I need some advice!

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Please review my site! I need some advice!

I am not sure if this is the right forum to post this request.If not, I apologize..........

Here is the url http://www.learn-how-to-pick-up-women.com
I have been working on this site for approx 2 months. I am using AMA where I have 10 spun articles that have been accepted 510 times each article has 2 links to my site in them that are spun 3x. The problem is I am not getting any traffic!
I am working on putting more images on the site as well as adding 10 new buyer keywords, and at least 10 new articles.
In Google webmaster tools I have 48 lnks showing, my pages are all indexed and there are no errors, i have a number of my keywords showing in the first page at position 8 and 9.
All help and advice is appreciated. Please share with what you have done that has worked for you and what you recommend! Please feel free to pm me as well......
I want to thank in everyone in advance. THANKS!!
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Reason: updated link

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This will probably not answer your traffic problem, but one things for sure, i find the merchant page your linking to quite annoying.

Reason for that is the pop up opt- in page that i can't exit.
Hope you get some answers to your traffic problem.

Nice site and niche. Working on dating niche myself.
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Here's a few things that I noticed on your site after going through it for about 8 minutes.
1. Your right panel is not set to zero. i am seeing a blank space on the right part of your site.
2. Your left panel's spacing is too much that the titles of your pages are too far from the edge of the left panel.
3. I did not see any images.
4. Please use the same font throughout your site! Using different fonts for different pages not only looks ugly but unprofessional. I suggest you stick with verdana or georgia.
5. You have no sitemap.
6. Typo on the title of your 2nd article. On the left panel you spelled "Attracting" with 4 "t"s. Also your article titled "Women and Attracttion", typo on there as well.
7. Building a list on your niche is advisable. Convert your file extension from .htm into .php
8. Your links are mostly "Double Your Dating". You can do a better call to action than that brother.

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