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PBN vs Guest Post for backlinks?

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PBN vs Guest Post for backlinks?

Hello! Just wanted to ask which is better for my backlink campaign, PBN or guest post? Should I get them from top marketplaces like Fiverr and Kallisto?
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Yes, you can get it from Fivver! But don't have any idea of Kallisto!
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Fiverr is better than Kallisto. You can work with a Fiverr freelancer.
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PBN is the kiss of death to your website, due to december 2017 google update it will penalize your site if you follow PBN links, it will penalize by banning site from appearing in search engine.
Guest Post is useful for your site, it will give you quality backlinks if you use it positively.
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staystoothkckk wrote:Hello! Just wanted to ask which is better for my backlink campaign, PBN or guest post? Should I get them from top marketplaces like Fiverr and Kallisto?

For the backlink campaign both are useful way but personally I would like to guest posing.
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Some SEO professionals believe that utilizing PBNs to rocket authority would provide significant benefits over the slow process of acquiring authority without adopting the method. However, it is a hazardous and time-consuming procedure. Guest posts may appear to be a safer and more straightforward technique of obtaining backlinks, but you'll need more than just money to achieve any type of success with the strategy. I'm sticking to buying guest posts from Kallisto and noticed my sites are getting good results.
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Neither one can work if you are only building backlinks. You need to focus more on quality content and the second focus would be the backlinks. Start with content marketing and submit quality content to related websites in your industry. The backlinks would come in naturally for you over time.
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Private blog network or PBN is a collection of blogs that are created to get links to main websites. Usually, the PBN is created using a collection of high domain metrics expired domains.

On the other hand, guest posting is a technique you need to outreach to different bloggers in your niche to post articles that you have created or will create for them. As you are giving free content to bloggers, they usually offer backlinks to your website.

PBN can be used for short time success where guest posting is a long-term process.
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The authority of a guest blogging website is usually higher than that of a PBN website. A PBN is less informative than a guest blogging website. Yes it is also recommended to get them from marketplaces like fiverr. Haven't heard of Kallisto, but it seems interesting. Can you tell me more about it? I'll send u dm
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