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Page title

mark schaaf
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Page title

I was just thinking about the page titles I was putting on each of my 20 new web pages. They are information pages about regions in Italy. I have been putting as the titles like this. Example region highlights and information. I thought it would make the site and the articles look more uniform. Each page is about a different place but will have similar information. I was thinking lately about the SEO standpoint if google is going to not like this because the wording is the same with the exception of the mane of the region. All the information in the articles are different but the page titles are almost the same. Should I change them up or just leave them and not be so worried about it. thanks Mark
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As long as your titles are:

1. Keyword Targeted with each keyword
2. Engaging, meaning that the reader will want to click on them
3. Not too long

There won't be a problem in using a similar phrase for each title if the page content is different. Your menu might look strange though...
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It would be good if you would vary your phrase so that your site would be more interesting. You could use phrases on how the place is known as your page title (ie Japan - land of the rising sun) and use the common phrase (ie History and Information) as a sub-heading (h2).
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I agree with esolutions. You want your website to be easily navigatable. Set it up in a manner that a visitor would understand where information regarding a city or region can be readily accessed.

I would provide internal links linking the pages servicing the same region or city. Establishing parent/child pages may be advisable depending upon how you have established your site.

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