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Page Rank

mark schaaf
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Page Rank

I am so happy that I finely have a google page rank, I am almost as happy as when I made my first sale but it makes me think that all the articles and other seo I have done as well as adding web pages to my site is finely paying off. Now if I could get more sales and build on that it would be great. I am glad I kept at it even when I was ready to give up, it is just a lot of work doing everything myself and even though I am not making a lot of money at least seeing a page rank of 3 makes me think I may be doing something right.
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It's always nice to have page rank so congrats for doing all the right things. But I tend not to worry about page rank at all. Having a higher page rank does not mean a higher affiliate income. I learned this some time ago and now I don't bother with page rank on my Website at all. When I am getting links from other Websites, this is when page rank can indicate authority (amongst many more factors) so the higher the page rank on the Website I can get a link from the better.

But once again, it sounds like you are doing all the right things, so keep on keeping on and the income will follow.

Best of luck!

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Good job! I hope your site gets more traffic, high ranking and MORE SALES! Good luck!
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PageRank of any specific website can be enhanced by using several tacticsincluding link building, page optimization, social bookmarking,relevant content formation and many more.
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I don't really worry about page rank, or work towards it. I find that your web page eventually earns a rank when it is getting plenty of traffic for your target keywords. Having sites link back to you for your target keywords also help. So I build backlinks and drive traffic to my site more than aim at getting my page to rank.
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Pagerank died sometime in early 09 but there is so much chatter about it that new AM's get caught up in chasing it. It's dead and has been for years.
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pageRank of any specific website can be enhanced by using several back link building.SO build backlinks and drive traffic to my site more than aim at getting my page to rank in Google pages.
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