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Page rank / position?

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Page rank / position?

Hi all, thanks for reading. I have my own website which i have been trying to get up and running for around 2 years now. It is not perfect i know, but i do have someone re-vamping the site completely, another couple of months and it should be ready.

I have one point to make though. I have made use of a link building facility (+ other SEO techniques and services) and have seen incredible search engine results. For some keywords my pages are placed in the number one position and others the search engines show my site in various locations on the first 3 google results pages. Ok, not all of them, but i have tried to target many keywords on my quest.

I am curious though, even with some of my keywords bringing up my site in the first and second pages of Google searches, i am not seeing a massive difference in traffic. My analytics is set up correctly and on average i see only around 20 - 30 visitors per day, the same as before to be honest!!

Anyone any ideas why this might be? would be great to get some feedback... i just thought with the site getting more visibility, and the google keyword tool saying some of they keywords are having 90,000 + searches a month, why mine are not being picked up in the traffic.

Thanks all!! and hope you have a successful day :)
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One of the things I have read many times is that the top 3 sites that show up in search results normally get about 80 to 90% of all clicks from there they fall off drastically. I am not sure about google's guess on how many searches a keyword will get because for some reason they seem like they change a lot. Maybe last month dog crap scooper had 100,000 clicks and this month it might get 25,000, it all depends on what people feel like looking up at the time.

For myself I got about 3 to 5 clicks a day when I was back on page 12 to 15 which being way back there I probably shouldn't have been getting any clicks. Now I am on page 1 for about 5 different keyword string and only get a couple more clicks a day. Sometimes I have no idea why people are finding my site with the phrase they are typing into there computer because google analytics shows me what people are typing in when they find me and as I said I don't know why some of these people are being shown my site for what they are looking for because most of the time they are only on the site for like 2 seconds and leave.

Even the people that stay on my site 99% of them leave and don't buy anything. I know travel is very difficult to do well in and my site is put together well and my articles are well written with a lot of information but with all that my visitors still don't buy much. I don't know if they bypass my links and go directly to the people I am promoting or what.

As far as SEO I would write my articles the best I can with the most information I can on the subject they go back and read through it and figure out where I could put in the keyword phrase I want to focus on where is wound look out of place and make sense when you read it. Then I will go into my background info section in my web editor and put in my title, title tag, keywords and description in all the correct spots and put it up on line and check it with Traffic Travis, if I get anything from TT that says something could be better I will change it and go from there.

I get a decent amount of feedback on my site and most people like what they see but I still have been unable to figure out why most of my visitors don't buy anything. I think I have a handle on a lot of what is going on with my site but can't figure out that part of the puzzle.
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Page rank and position both are different , To know this in brief visit :- webconsuls.com/position-page-rank.htm
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This is very good info
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Hello Dude,

Here are some points for you:

1. You need to cross check if you have got EXACT searches volume or BROAD search volume....It will make a huge difference...

2. You need to know....TOP 3 Gets around 75% of traffic...

3. Google Keyword tool is not the 100% correct data oriented tool.....
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