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Page Load Speed

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Page Load Speed

Hi. Im having trouble with my page load speed which I believe is having a knock on effect to my google rankings.

My google analytics account says my average page load speed is over 12seconds. However, if I do a gtmetrix or google page speed test, it actually gives me a pretty good result.

I cant work out why these results are inconsistent, but more importantly, its not clear why my page loads sooooo slowly. Its not filled with video or images.

My site is www.rhymingspeeches.com

Can anyone please help?
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mark schaaf
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I went to check out your site and it took almost 18 seconds for it to load and i agree there is really nothing on your site to make it load that slow. Many of my pages are filled with pictures and all load in less then a half a second. I would have to say this could be a problem with your hosting company, I would contact them and if they can't find and fix the problem I would find someone else.
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I checked your site speed using Pingdom and it loaded within 4 seconds: http://tinyurl.com/btjlbjh

Please check the report (click the link above) to find out which pages are loading slowly.

You could try to improve your website's performance by following the recommendations on this article: 15 Tips to Speed Up Your Website
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You may also refer to this related thread here for additional tips-> website-building/site-speed-t24179.html

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Google has Page Speed which helps you measure your site's/page's loading time. It also provides you with feedback on how you can further improve your site's page speed.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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