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organic search

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organic search

hi there..
just want to share some information about organic search..
this is the common term that refers to the organic traffic your site receives from the search engines. it is called organic since it is highly targeted and high quality traffic. For instance if one searches Google for online affiliate marketing business plan and being referred to this website, it is high quality organic search visitor..
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Yes you are right and we can increase the organic traffic through following techniques:

1. Forum Posting
2. Blog Commenting
3. Directory Submission
4. Social Bookmarking
5. Article Submission
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An organic search is a search that generates results that were not paid advertisements. Many customers feel that these results are a more accurate reflection of what they might want when searching for a specific phrase, because they are generated by popularity and common usage.

When you do SEO or search engine optmization you are attempting to adjust the content of your Web pages to rank well in the organic search results.
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All things being equal which is nearly impossible PageRank may be a factor in rankings but relevancy is far more important.
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I have always distinguished organic results from PPC and CPA derived traffic.

I don't feel there is any real difference as to the quality of the visitor to the site however it is nice not to have to pay to receive traffic.

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