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Organic Search Rankings

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Organic Search Rankings

What is Organic Search Rankings?

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Organic search rankings or Natural search rankings are the links that show up in the search engine results pages, they are NOT the advertisements, so they are said to be Natural or Organic.


See here:
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An organic search ranking refers to where your web pages appear when somebody search some keywords or phrases in Google. Organic search is a search which comes to the SERPs naturally, that were not paid advertisements. By using different SEO, SMO techniques and with quality content your website will get high organic search rankings. There are various factors which impact organic search rankings like content, navigation throughout the website, quality backlinks, ethical online marketing techniques, etc.
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It's about google rank and not advertisement reasults
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Organic Search Results is a search term results returned by a search engine that are derived from what the search engine itself thinks (according to its current algo) is important. This type of results is opposed to returning paid listings or advertisements.

This is how it works: you type a keyword into Google or any other search engine, and a search engine and it tells you what it thinks is the most important set of websites regarding that search term.

If you look at the picture by @tankctrlr, you will see how the results blocks are arranged.

And I would also add Universal Search results sections into it. These are the result for news, videos, images, local and book search etc. Sometimes they are incorporated into organic search in special blocks but may also be scattered over the first result pages.

So it may be confusing to separate different types of results when tracking your site organic listings. But there are some tools that can help check that. I personally use Link-Assistant's Rank Tracker and Webmeup rank tracking tools to check where exacaly my blogs are currently ranking.
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