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Opinions on link building

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Opinions on link building

Hi everyone, hope you are are having a good day,

I just wanted to give my two cents on my thoughts about link building and maybe a few questions also.

So what has been happening with me is I get 1-2 exchange link request a week (from india-possibly elance)
i know there from india becouse i check my website stats daily.

The request are in the form of " i have visited your website and i appreciate it"

The main gripe i have is that the websites that they want me to link to are noware nea simular or relevent to my website.

My website's niche is fitness (ok its in the health&fitness industry) but what does an fitness & exercise website got to do with a health and wellness spa? or how the heck is it simlar??

i have gotten request from health spa's-chiropractors-health clinics etc..
Im my opinion they are not relevent to my site so i dont exchange links with them..

What are your opinions on link building in general?? Why would you pay sombody at elance to request links from non relevent topics..
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Link exchanges were rampant before and I would say it's ok for you to accept these requests since health spas/clinics are related to or belong to the health and fitness niche. But with the recent changes (i,.e. the Panda update), I suggest you say no to these requests since Google will most likely not count those exchanged links to your favor.

It's a different matter of course if these same websites publish a portion of your article with a link going back to the original article on your website. You'll get brownie points for that.
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most of these are spam, and I just ignore them. they are low quality links, and if the only way they can get links is to spam link exchange requests, then they won't be doing you any good anyway.

the only time I exchange links is when it is someone that I have networked with, and we are working to promote each others stuff already.

I get about 100 of these a week. they go straight to the bin
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I agree, most of these links are spam. I get most of these on my own blog. It is pointless to link back to these, unless if you are in a group helping each other by promoting each other's websites.
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