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On-Page SEO

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On-Page SEO


1. With on-page SEO it is recommended to have an inner link structure, linking to other posts within your site. Is it the same thing to have your posted articles visible on the right hand site of every page? Or does it has to be a link that is within the post itself?

I'll give you an example:


"Featured Articles" is on the right hand side of the page, and it will always be there.

2. What if I, at the end of each post have a "Related Articles" section that relates to similar posts - would this be OK as an inner link structure?

Thank you so much.

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All navigational links are beneficial. The contextual links they are referring to are links established within your articles that provide a direct link to another post within your website.

These links are usually another color allowing the user to recognize that the highlighted words will link them to another post that will provide further clarification on the topic the user is reading. This provides the user with an easily accessed subject information.

Occasionally I will restate a keyword from another post in the new post. I will link this keyword back to the first post. I try to establish two or three of these contextual links in each post. The links will usually link to separate yet subject appropriate posts.

All you are trying to do is making the "user" experience manageable so that all the information that the user would want is easily accessible. The goal of Google is for the user experience to be improved.

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On-page SEO is making the content on your page as rankable as possible: is your keyword bolded, italicized, in your H1 tags, in the title, in an anchor text someone where on your page, in the first sentence of the first paragraph, in the last paragraph, in the alt tag section of your image label?
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Hi Alex,

Contextual links (within the body text) are considered to have the highest value of any. So while having a menu is a good thing for visitors and spiders alike, add some links into your content. For example, if your article makes reference to a specific topic that you happen to have another article on, link to that article using the primary keyword.
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I try to include at least 1 internal link on each of my pages. One way that I have done this with my AB style sites is to link to my product reviews rather than linking from articles to the product sales page. This gives me a chance to presell people on the product as well as improving my on page seo.
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