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Nofollow backlinks can affect search engine rank?

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Nofollow backlinks can affect search engine rank?

how Nofollow backlinks can affect affect search engine rank?
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no.. it won't affect your search ranking .. nofollow link simply tell google not to follow the link.

for example .. if you are having a link somewhere on your site ..
<a href="signin.php" rel="nofollow">sign in</a> .. it simply instruct robots not to crawl a specific link.
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Shaishav Sood
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Nofollow actually means "don't pass value to this site", as in "don't give them any boost to their search rankings".

Google *will* actually go through the links and use them for "discovery" (as they put it), but they won't use it for ranking.

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Makes me wonder what they feel they need to "discover" after they've deemed it a nofollow.
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Nofollow backlinks, together with the dofollow ones, are believed to help keep your site/blog backlink profile look natural under search engines' eyes. However, I always make sure the nofollow backlinks do not exceed 30% of my total backlinks.
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It is not affect your ranking because it generate visitor traffic to your site.
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Nofollow links are never going to hurt your site unless and until you use it to annoy the entire website. This is confirmed by Matt Cutts, therefore, Don't worry about them hurting the ranking of your website. it is not allowed to crawler for crawling but you can make good traffic for website by here.
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