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No content marketing primarily for links, warns Google

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No content marketing primarily for links, warns Google


There is a Google post about link building through content marketing. Google said,
If the primary purpose of distributing content is to gain links, both authors and publishers risk a Google penalty.

Do you have any opinion on this?
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Can you post a link to the full article here?

I think what Google is referring to is low-quality, re-hashed content for the sake of building or getting links.
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Here is the link to the full article: http://searchengineland.com/google-warn ... gns-275753

The article has explained everything. You get banned for your content if your purpose is to build/promote links only. This is mostly true for submitting your content to article syndication sites and large-scale article campaigns. There are ways to go around this problem. You can refer to the link above for solutions :)
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Web marketers when all is said in done, are resolved to go the additional mile to guarantee that their sites rank high in web crawler comes about pages (SERPs). They tidy up the site's SEO, distribute great quality substance and make a ton of connections, both interior and something else.

It is basic that you work with your distributors and unendingly guarantee that articles are not endured the sole motivation behind increasing more connections. In the event that this isn't doable for you, such connections ought to be repudiated. Inasmuch as the substance you include on your site is remarkable and perused commendable without seeming to be supports or ads, you're particularly in the protected zone.
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