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New and need help

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New and need help

If anyone out there can help, I am new to this and right now tried advertising on 7 search and eating up my money
Not sure how to get started, I knew nothing at first and lost at where to start and looking at all this stuff is confusing, just lost, tried facebook also got nothing did earn a little from 7 search but running out of money and getting costly for me and not making anything. Someone please help before I give up. Thought of going to Elance to write article for me to start, is that a better place to start
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Carol - Possibly others can help but I would need greater information to fully understand where you are in your affiliate marketing search.

Please indicate what blogs or websites you have built along with the problems you have encountered.

There is just not enough information.

That being said I would recommend Affiloblueprint and or the Bootcamp and following the detailed instructions as precisely as you are able. Mark Ling and his staff have designed thorough excellent tutorials.

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you should try using some free traffic methods. paid traffic is great if you know what you are doing. however, you can lose more than you ever earn if you dont.

I agree with Margene, we will be glad to help you out but need more info. You can also check out the free training videos here. there are 80 hours of videos to help you learn the basics.
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I would agree with James. Paid sources are designed to target newbies who don't know how to plug all the holes that are designed to make you lose money.

Go free traffic sources in my opinion. This is a huge question but I'd start in the free sources by learning all the SEO taught by Mark.
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superb information and really its very helpful.
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