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My website is on page one but doesn't have the traffic

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My website is on page one but doesn't have the traffic

So I typed my keywords into google keyword tool and it says there is a global monthly search of 40,000 and a global local search of 22,000. yet my page only generated 5 visitors a day. why is this?

my page is on page one as the first result
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put the keyword in brackets to get real results for that word...that may be the reason; not many searches per month.
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i exactly have the same problem... You must understand one thing.... When you rely on search engine, you will get the visitors only when they search with the keywords you are talking about... Let me give you an example... Imagine if your website is designed for bodybuilding and fitness... number of searches for bodybuilding will be 50000 and for fitness will be 40000 but together it will be only 10000... so you must be careful while making analysis.. moreover you must make the visitors to visit your site when they visit other sites of other category... for this you need to spend some money... i am workin on it.. once i get a good deal for my site i will share with the rest..
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Also, please make sure that you are logged off from Google when doing your serp checking or if you're using a serp rank tool, make sure that the 'personalize search' turned off...
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I have seen a similar thing with a site of mine but I do not understand any of the replies to this question. "Put the keyword into brackets" ??? And nobody would ever think what Johnalex is suggesting, that the number of searches for "bodybuilding" plus the number of searches for "fitness" would equal the number of searches for "bodybuilding and fitness", that's just crazy.

PHMegaCorp, may I suggest that you look at your meta-description? That's what I'm trying (the text preview of the page in Google results). Maybe it is not attracting anyone to click?
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You might be using keywords that are too general or vague. These won't convert well to sales. I recommend that you use long tail keywords (3 words or more) and include product names, crisis keywords (stop, repair, fix, crisis, save, prevent, or rescue) and how to keywords (how to, learn, lessons, tips, DIY, make, or build). These keywords target potential buyers.

Maybe asking for a site review would be help you find out what the issue is. You could request for a site feedback and post your URL on the Website Building section of the forum.
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