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My Page Vanished from First Page of Google

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My Page Vanished from First Page of Google

I was holding the number 2 to 4 spot in Google for a keyword for the past year and now today I checked the stats and my page is not even in the top 100. The pages is still indexed.. I haven't added back links to that page at all since it has been ranking high. I'm trying to figure out what happened all of a sudden. Has anyone experienced this situation before?

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I have, many times, and it usually happens when google changes something in their ranking system.

If your web page is highly relevant to your keyword, has high quality and is not spammy in any way, there is no need to worry. It will climb back up the SERPs again.
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Google is always making changes to their algorithm and have updated their data a few months ago. This might have caused the change in your ranking but as Fara said, your site will climb back up if your site is relevant and have good content. Also work on your backlinking activities if you want to get it to the first page again fairly fast.
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Yeah, that's exactly what happened to one of my sites. I used to rank #3 on Google and then after a month it became #1... on Page 2. :) And when I checked it few days ago, it's now starting to claim its old position. It's currently on 5th or 6th on page 1.
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Keep adding backlinks.. i noticed the same thing when i stopped adding backlinks..
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