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My first website

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My first website

Hi eveyone,
My name is eve,this is my first time here,and please may i ask for a little help for anyone kind enough to have a look at my newly built website which is my first actually. I really want anyone to review it and make comments regarding it's entire design,content creation,back links,etc,and how I am going to improve it to make it rank good. Here is my Url:http://myhealthylifestyleblog.weebly.com. Thank you yous so much for your kind assistance.
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Hi! I just checked out the site and I credit you for the effort on tons of content. What platform did you use by the way, looks unfamiliar to me.

As for my recommendation, I think it would be helpful if you had a more organized navigation system. I didn't really get where the links on the homepage would lead me until I clicked on them. The links on the left look just like tags for keyword spam. Big no no for Google.
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I understand from reading Chris Guthrie's blog (www.makemoneyontheinternet.com), that Amazon badges like you have don't convert very well.

Instead, he recommends using contextual text links for best Amazon results.
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It would be good if you could create a welcome page which would help help create a relationship with your visitors. :)

You could also try changing the shape of your banners to square. People are used to paying attention to them so you'll get more clicks. Use the square ones about the size you'd normally see in a news article.
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