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Multiple Press Releases or Just One?

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Multiple Press Releases or Just One?

So I'm thinking of doing a press release for my website to start my link building efforts.

I just have one question, is a press release something you do once about your website and brand to give it authority and back-links OR can you do it multiple times for back link purposes?

Just wanted to know if this is something you can only really do once and what are the best ways to use a press release are?
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I don't think it would do much good. Google has deemed press release links as "unnatural" and they are mandatory nofollow. If you're doing it for SEO purposes only, it could harm rather than benefit you. If you have something really newsworthy to share, it may still benefit you, just be careful. Here's an article that should help you a bit:

http://searchenginewatch.com/article/22 ... -Penalties
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You can still use press releases from such sites as PRWeb to generate traffic. However, there's a chance that a link on one of these sites might not really work in your favor for SEO. The ideal scenario would be that someone visits a press release site and copies your release to use on their own site, with link attached. This might help you get backlinks assuming the site that is linking to you is considered high quality and relevant in Google's eyes.
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You can't use Press release as for link building, PR is news field. This is only for branding and for new service promotion & something like that.
So use it only when you have any fresh stuff to introduce others.
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