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Multiple Blog Posts will hurt SEO?

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Multiple Blog Posts will hurt SEO?

Hi, is it good to do multiple blog posts per day? How will it negatively affect my SEO in the long run?
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Yes just make sure they are relevant and high quality, poor written blogs will have a negative effect.
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Multiple blog posts on your own websites or external sites?
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you CAN post multiple blog posts, but you have to be careful of this. YOu can burn out your audience to where they don't pay attention to your content if you add too much too often.

Also, its hard to really have time to fully promote a post if you are rushing to get out the next one. I recommend 2-3 per week if you are full time and one per week if you are part time to give yourself time tot promote the post and get traffic to it. you will spend more time on promotion than the actual content in the early stages. It really depends on how many subscribers you have though.
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Luckily, this is not accurate --but replicate content can nevertheless bring about SEO difficulties. And with 25--30 percent of the net being replicate content, it is beneficial to learn how to prevent and fix such troubles.
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You can post 1,000 blog posts, make sure you have them automatically syndicated. Goodtimes... I'm doing that now and need to get new hosting as I'm getting 16k visits in one day, getting constant 503/504 because of it, it works... but affilorama won't help me, been asking for 6 days now.

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Posting the exact same content in two places hurts SEO rankings for all involved. Truth: False! Several examples have shown that the same exact article posted on multiple outlets will still show up in the search for each outlet.
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