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Maybe my site have a problem

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Maybe my site have a problem

Hi everybody,
My website is https://vuadacsan.org. But I created 2 years ago, now when I SEO my website, my keywords didn't increase.
Can you show me why?
Thanks so much!
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If you want to rank well on SERPs, you need to build backlinks first. I analyzed the site using a simple backlink search and the site has no records of backlinks yet.

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Hi, I think your website ranking low in search engine due to the changing of Google algorithm and you don't work on this site.
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I think your website is not index in google and very low search engine, so first you have to increase the backlinks
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Build quality backlinks for your site to rank high in search engines.
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You need to optimized your website and making the responsive website. Then you can start SEO and ranked again your targeted keywords.
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