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Linkvana vs IMA

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Linkvana vs IMA

Planning out my linking for my sits Im really starting to consider two higher end options. Linkvana and IMA I think are both separately powerful, and I want to hit the ground running when getting into building links.

I think most are familiar with Linkvana (as it can be easily googled if not) but Internet Marketing Advantage is not so here is a link (copy/paste please): http://www.commissionblueprint.com/memb/IMA.html

I think Linkvana would be alright since they are more focused, but I have also heard a lot about IMA in regards to diversity of their links to both blogs and article directories. I just need some exterior feedback since link building is the one thing I am not quite experienced in yet.

As a note to start out I may start out with seolinkvine or AMA to test out my options and to start out smaller budget wise.
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Linkvana is good but has some basic issues - their backlinks help with ranking only as long as you keep posting on their blog network. The problem with linkvana is that most of their sites are too weak - if you make a post on their blog but don't backlink to that post then chances are that after a month or two it won't be even in Google's index.

I am not very about IMA because it looks to be more of a guide then an actual tool.
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That is the problem with all blog networks sonitin. they are ok for fast rankings but for what they charge, i can get better links for less money elsewhere.
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It would not hurt if you try these blog networks for backlinking. But make sure not to rely on these services alone. For less competitive keywords, you may want to use these blog networks to get rankings. But for your main keywords, I advise that you do more quality and "natural" backlinking.

If you haven't come across these resources yet, you may find the links below for more quality backlinking:

https://www.affilorama.com/blog/backlink ... -backlinks
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The Link vana backlink service is one of the most popular and legitimate link building services out there. This is a highly important and sought-out tool for many SEO developers, who need quality backlinks for their sites to increase their popularity and page rank rates.
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Blog network has been a major source of my SEO for past one year.. i have helped rank 100's of sites in one year and all because of blog networks + Unique Content

Here is an example
(packages with 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 unique articles also available)

Remember - Always use unique content and always have a lot of diversity....

Linkvana is an amazing network.. its a bit expensive but has very old and powerful network at its disposal ..

IMA ?? I dont know what this is...
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