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Link Value

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Link Value

Is it better to get a PR 2 link to your root domain, or 10 PR0 links to a specific page which you are trying to rank for?

How about a PR 1 link to the homepage, or a PR 1 link to a specific page which you are trying to rank for ?

Thank you.
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You should always link to the page that is relevant regardless of pagerank. Your homepage is usually a welcome page so it would be a good idea to do deep linking to help index the other pages on your site. You should link to an internal page that discusses the topic in greater detail.
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I agree with Michelle, but if you are concerned about the PR of the sites you link with, quality is better than quantity(although not always).....I would personally choose to link to one PR2 site than 10 PR0 sites which theoretically, will not do anything to help my site...

You can check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PageRank for a brief description on how page rank works and how it affects your site...
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High PR links are better than low or no PR links. However, PR doesn't mean as much as it used to. One thing that I look at when link building is the direct traffic that I can get, with SEO as a bonus, not the main focus. If I can get 200 visitors from a guest post on a blog that is PR0, or I can post on a PR 7 article directory and get maybe 10-20 visitors, I would rather get my post on the blog.
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Not every backlink is created equal but every backlink should be considered as a "vote" towards your site.

The more votes you have the more popular you're going to be with Google.

A general rule of thumb is take any backlink you can get and stay away from "bad neighborhoods", generally anywhere you see a lot of [word banned], Cialis or Poker backlinks.. haha
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