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Link exchange: Is it ok?

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Link exchange: Is it ok?

Hey all,

Earlier today I was watching a video about SEO and the speaker mentioned that link exchange is not as effective as before and search engines ignore them. She also said that it is useless to contact webmasters and ask for link exchanges.

On the other hand I read a book about SEO in which the writer(one of the best SEOers) mentioned that link exchanges is a great thing to do.

So my question is should I spent some time contacting webmasters asking for link exchanges or it is useless nowadays?

Thank you,

Ahmed Auf
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We don't usually recommend link exchanges since links are more effective if they’re only going in one direction (one-way links). Your ranking might also suffer if you link to bad sites. You can check Google's Webmaster Guidelines for more information.
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Link exchanges was good in the past, but today, there are so many web 20 properties that you don't even need it.

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Link exchanges are not a good SEO practice...
at former period it was consider as a good one for higher rating.
but it is not advisable now.

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