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link building and article spin and submitting

mark schaaf
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link building and article spin and submitting

The other day i asked if Seo link vine and am automation were any good and i got a good answer but am now even more confused. this is because now I have more companies doing the same thing to consider. they all have nice web sites with good information so with many things equal how does someone decide on which service to use. Do most people go with the less expensive service and move on to the next one if they don't like it. Since there really isn't a site that reviews anything without promoting it I am unsure if i could ever get any real feedback on any of them. I am glad that i got 1 answer from someone who gave me 3 more options along with him saying which he uses but I was hoping for a little more input from members or info on how i could get more info on these services, thanks Mark
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I have only ever used AMA myself and I do not have any complaints about the service. It really helps the rankings of my sites. I know this as there are long periods of time when I cannot build backlinks through other means (like forum posting, blog commenting, etc.) but the backlinks continue to be generated because of AMA. This is not to say that you can rank highly by using AMA alone; what I mean is that it is one reliable backlink generator that I know of.

I hope that helps.
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http://linkvanareviews.com/effective-li ... g-services

I am doing a campaign for my first blueprint site with buildmyrank submitting about 100 personally written articles within about a month to see how my rankings are affected.

I can easily see how choosing a link building service can be frustrating. I only jumped onto buildmyrank because i heard really positive reviews on them and they gave me a free trial. If you are really confused which service to choose I recommend saving your money for a submission campaign for a month or two, writing your own articles and doing manual submissions until you are ready (meaning you have done ample research for your submission service of choice) to pay for a service.

I couldnt decide for months and just saved my money and did things manually for many months. I cant even say if buidmyrank is truly my choice yet since it takes a good month or so until i see any real results in the search engines. What i humbly and honestly do not recommend is jumping on to the first thing you get recommended. Like i said many months of research went into my decision for buildmyrank. Your decision should be well researched. If you are still confused, post again on the forum and get more opinions as i know we all would be happy to help =)

As a note I can see I may be using more than one service if not several once I get things going with rankings. I have heard of a few people, even in affiloblueprint members, who slowly progressed to using upwards of 5+ different services per month. I suppose if they are getting results, theres no questioning the investment, is there?
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I used SEOLinkVine for a bit...it was slow to get links out but they were pretty new when I was a member. They may be better now. You can see a running discussion about it in the Affiliate Hangout section. Use the search function.

I just started using UAV and I like it so far...it's a bit of work to get your articles prep'd and submitted but seems to have alot more options for creating uniqueness.

I'd be willing to share this account with someone that has an account with another similar service. We can go 1 for 1...like a credit arrangement. UAV doesn't have the ability to give user access like SEOlinkvine, unfortunately. Let me know if anyone is interested.
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