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Link Building After Penguin/Disavow Tool?

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Link Building After Penguin/Disavow Tool?

Google has launched the Disavow Tool. This changes SEO forever. I would like to know what is the best way to build links now.

You can find more information in this article from Noble Samurai:
http://www.noblesamurai.com/blog/seo-ne ... -now-3261/

- Do you think using article networks is going to hurt my rankings as many of those links are automated and Google may see them as "toxic links"?

- What's the best way to build links now?
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I don't think article marketing is dead and it is still a 'white hat' SEO strategy. What you should do is use only article directories that have an editorial process like http://ezinearticles.com/. Google adds rank value to content that goes through an editorial process because it is more likely to be quality content.

The SEO professionals at Affiliate Summit suggest posting no more than 5 articles to any directory because Google will not count anything above that. I don't know if it's true, but these are guys that have been marketing for a long time.

SEO press releases are also white hat and they provide the perfect opportunity to create brand awareness, drive traffic to your site and increase your page rank with anchor text links. Don't post a press release with a service that doesn't allow anchor text links because you won't get the best SEO benefits.

Send me a pm and I'll send you a list of free and paid press release distribution services you can use to begin building back links. You can go to Fiverr.com and pay someone $5 to write a release for you if you want to outsource it :-)
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Another flash in the pan to ignore.

To spammers, every little update sends them scurrying, trying to figure out what to do now. If you've been focusing on quality experience, honest information and proper (non-spammy) link building then you should not give this another thought, continue building good stuff, continue to grow.

If certain article directories are toxic, then what will happen is that those links will simply not pass any value to your site, no worries.
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The best way to go about link building for me has always been to focus on finding sites that will bring relevant direct traffic to my sites. Rather than focusing on links for the sake of seo, look for links that will bring people to your site that are interested in what you have to say. This is why I love social media, especially groups, and do a lot of guest posting on blogs within my niche markets.

If you think about it, people don't do SEO for bragging rights, they do it for traffic. If you focus on driving traffic to your sites, the search engines will take notice of this and reward you with higher rankings.
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Yeah, so many people, so many minds. I think quality article marketing still works and will always work, because it's not only about links (not to me).

As far as the disavow links tool is concerned.. Honestly, I'm afraid to touch it . It feels like Google is playing chess with webmasters. One wrong move and you disclose yourself. Naaaah, not for me.

I like the way Link Assistant put it, they advise to think twice before removing, reporting or disavowing any links http://www.link-assistant.com/blog/the- ... e-disavow/ I found this post very helpful.
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mark schaaf
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I agree with Jmpruitt as far as relevance's is concerned, it just makes so much more sense if you have a baking site to post comments on blogs or forums on other baking or cooking sites then it would be to post comments on a tool site. I also make sure any article I write makes sense and has good information. I try and put something in my articles that I haven't seen in any other articles on the subject but sometimes that is difficult but I think it is important if you want to be considered and expert in your field.
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I would not touch the disavoid tool. It is basically admitting that you have been spamming. Think for a moment - why would Google have created it? It is not for the benefit of webmasters who have been involved in questionable linking practices. They don't care about you; they are doing for their benefit, not yours.

The best way to get rid of any penalties is to do the right thing from now on and over time this will cause your spammy link profile to be diluted. Google works on percentages and ratios. Therefore to get the right percentage of good links you could either remove the bad ones or create a lot more good ones.
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Hey all

I am totally with you on that Greg. Why else would Google offer such a tool right after a series of penguin updates. I have read several articles and reviews about the link diavow tool and not one has said anything good about it.

Instead they are all saying Warning!,Warning!,Warning!

To me this tool is kind of a reverse black hat strategy that Google is using against us.

Never Give Up!!!
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Paul J. Burkhardt
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Link building is a best technique to increase the website traffic after Penguin update.
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posing in free ads make the traffic higher and higher
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data feed management
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posing in free ads make the traffic higher and higher
<a href="http://www.valleypointtechnologies.com/"> data feed management</a>

When i started to use this technique is when I started to get problem and my page disappeared. It was ranked properly for the keyword and other secondary pages but one I used this idea (I got on another place) I finally noticed my page crash.

I would suggest to be careful with this url code...
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Hello Everyone
Thanks for Update me.....this information really helpful to me
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