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Keyword Stuffing and Black Hat SEO

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Keyword Stuffing and Black Hat SEO

Kindly tell me that what are the negative impacts of keyword stuffing and Black Hat SEO in website promotion process.
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One word: Deindexed. Meaning google and other search engines take you off their rankings permanently.
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To me as he said it may get de indexed soon..

but if we use the techniques within some limitations through black hat it wont be a much problem..
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Keyword stuffing is a dead method for sure. That`s one of the first black hat methods and its totally beaten by SE`s.

I often see some dudes "playin" with spamdexing on forum profiles with something like 1000 links and anchors, but that`s totally stupid. If you want to energize your links, you can submit it to scrapebox, not put all of them on forum profiles.
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Google has stopped using the meta keyword tags in the late 1990's since spammers have been stuffing this box with keywords that are not relevant to their sites.

Affilorama does not recommend using black hat techniques because these are against the search engines' terms of service. It can take a long time to work back from a black hat slap. You as an affiliate marketer should have a long term strategy and focus your efforts on building high quality, authority websites.
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