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Joomla to Wordpress

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Joomla to Wordpress

Hi guys, have you tried transferring your website from joomla to wordpress? Does it affect the page rank and keyword rankings?
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WordPress has an option to set your permalinks so you can have them in the same way you had them in Joomla. If your Joomla posts were http://www.mysite.com/%postname%/, then you can set up WordPress so your permalink is exactly the same. Since your URL was not changed, then changing to WP should not affect your ranking.
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I used to use Joomla and have moved one site onto WordPress so far and I think I will be "redesigning" another one pretty soon.
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If you have any issues, make sure that you have all of your links covered and no broken URLs. If so, just use a .htaccess 301 redirect for each one.
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hi! I recently switched to WordPress and I carefully followed the guidelines to redirect most important pages. naturally, the rankings dropped, but only slightly.
When doing redirect, don't be obsessed with any page existing, cause it' causes additional load for your server and the site getwa way too slow. Define the pages with most backlinks and those most popular and redirect them, and you can just create the others anew (or have the content migrated -I used http://www.cms2cms.com migration was free and took 5 mins)

good luck!
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it will have some effect on page rank.
but with the help of proper handing over to other cms you can have a better page rank .
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