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Is your content marketing strategy worked for you?

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Is your content marketing strategy worked for you?

I am going to try the content marketing service for my travel website. I read about it on many blogs and forums. Everyone is recommending content marketing for driving quality traffic. Link building is what I tried before, but now looking for some new marketing ideas so I thought content marketing will be the best option.

Interested in purchasing service from this company. http://www.submitedgeseo.com/content-ma ... rvice.html

Please share what exactly you did to get more visitors.

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yup, content marketing is the best of best technique in current tactics. You can say this is strong punch for ranking. So go ahead.
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Content marketing works but not like this. Just posting some articles on Google+ and Tumblr is not content marketing. The real content marketing, also known as guest blogging, is all about putting your articles out there on related blogs and websites (with links back to your website). When you get your article posted on a related website, it should have a built in audience of readers who will not only read the content, but click through on any links. This will result in real traffic as well as some SEO benefits from the links posted.

Most times, you can do this type of content marketing for yourself.
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Yes definitely content marketing is the best thing to get some strong and quality backlink and as you know that content is the king for google. I am going in same way and got the benefit from it.
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