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Is url forwarding a good thing ?

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Is url forwarding a good thing ?


I have a number of similar sites in the same niche and am thinking of avoiding duplicate content by url forwarding all the domains to one site as a traffic increasing strategy that avoids duplicate content if the sites are all developed.

Is this a good strategy or will Google penalise my domains and the site to which the other domains are url forwarded to ? Th domains are very similar but all have a good search volume.

What is the best strategy in this case ?

Appreciate any input since i am a relative newbie.... Have some sites but havent made ANY money yet !

Thnaks a lot

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Hi Chantelle,

If I'm not mistaken the search engines will eventually drop the sites that you put the forward onto, and sort of treat them as a change in address to the one main site, I could be wrong on that though. Plus if you stop building those site's content/links then they will drop off anyway.

If the contents on the sites are all the same yeah all but one will get filtered out.

I think it's best to focus on one site at a time, work on it till it's completed (or has failed, sorry for the bad imagery here lol), then move to another site/niche. If your going to add content to a site why not make that content exclusive and awesome.

If you focused just on one site by forwarding all the other duplicates to your best one, you'll end up with one login, one theme/template to mess with, one URL to send links to, and one brand to build, it would be easier to handle, in my opinion.
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Hi Chantelle,

This is not a good idea and even if you won't get penalized, Google will still treat your sites as one site only because everything is forwarded to one site only. Additionally, your sites may not become an authority site because they are just landing pages for that one domain.

Like Andrew suggested, it is best to build one site at a time, create unique content and keywords for them then move to another once you are done.

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Hi all,

Where it will be helpful however is in protecting certain names that the client wants to use, which could be a good thing.
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Hi, as fas as I am concerned, you should have to have different logins, accounts and other important details to protect your client's website. Having all sites in the same niche is not ideal to nuild links on it. They will compete with each other. So, it's hard to get rank in Google. In case if I'm wrong, you can beep me a message for clarification. This is a good way to learn from each other.
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