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Is There An SEO Software For Instant Traffic?

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Is There An SEO Software For Instant Traffic?

can anybody tell me any best SEO software for intant traffic
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You mean a tool to auto generate backlinks for you? We really discourage members to use any autopilot tool for backlinks since this will do more harm than good. Most of the sites that are included in these tools are low quality sites or worse, they can already be flagged by Google as spam sites.

Rather than investing in an autopilot tool for backlinks, invest your money in a good SEO software like Traffic Travis or Moz tool. These tools. You may also look at paid campaigns which can drive traffic to your site faster than doing SEO.
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Paid campaigns can be effective if product sale commissions are high. On the other hand if the commissions are low SEO could be the ultimate answer. Even then auto backlink generators can earn the wrath of search engines.
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As far as I know, web CEO is the best chosen and effective tool used by many. It is an all-in-one tool which you can rely in building backlinks, perform tracking, keyword research and analysis including other related activities to get optimize your site even better.
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There are software that can give you instant traffic, but the real question here is : How targeted is that traffic?

There are better ways to invest your money. You can invest them in SEO tools or SEO training as Mary suggested.

If it's traffic that you really want, then I suggest going for PPC or solo ad campaigns instead. You may have to shell out a bigger amount for these ad campaigns, but at least you know you're targeting the correct market.
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- do keyword research
- write high-quality content on niche topics
- update your site on a regular basis
- write articles on sites like hubpages, squidoo, ezinearticles, etc, and link back to your site
- email marketing could also be helpful
- You can also buy traffic from sites like SEOclerks, listingdock etc.
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There is no almighty software to solve all the traffic problem.
As for me, I recommend you some ways to build your traffic
-Social Media(Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and etc)
-Community Outreach(Reach out to popular bloggers, youtubers, and other personalities in your niche.)
-PPC(Adwords, bing adwods, Yahoo adwords and etc.)
-Media Buys
In a nutshell, it requires a comprehensive methods to gain traffic.
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Well, there are so many tools available out there but if you go with content posting & blogging then the result will remain for a long time.
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Don't use any Software For Instant Traffic. Software like auto generate backlinks is spam.
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Instead of that you can try blogging & contents which is the best way to bring traffic. Also install analytics to measure your website performance. I use Gostats.
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