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Is there an easy way to get .edu and .gov backlinks?

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Is there an easy way to get .edu and .gov backlinks?

Can you share me the best way to get .edu and .gov backlinks?
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6 Easy Ways to Get Elite. Edu Backlinks
Search for Resource Pages.
Feed Egos.
Offer a Scholarship.
Pitch or Pay Students with. Edu Blogs.
Offer Staff and Student Discounts.
Burrow Deep for Broken Links.
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Search for the site (Edu & Gov) but if your site is also from the same niche, you can get links easily else it will be a bit tough task to get links!
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By using dropmylink website you can get backlinks from gov and edu sites.
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Some government domains also make links in their comment section to "dofollow". Although due to spammers, this is becoming increasingly uncommon, you can still find government blogs that don't translate comments into nofollow links. And even if you just get a nofollow connection, it is still there to enjoy the opportunity for high-quality traffic.

The main thing is to make constructive feedback on the site, avoid spamming, and lead to healthy discussions.
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There are educational forums & blogs where you can participate in the discussion and generate backlinks for the website. But the key is participating in healthy discussion on various topics.
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Write about or mention a .edu or .gov site in a thorough and indepth blog article. Make it really good and favorable to the school or government.
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The simplest way to get backlinks from .gov and .edu is just to do the posting on their forums. Instead of trying to create a .gov or .edu backlink, it's enough to earn those links naturally.
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