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Is Premium Directory Submission worth the money?

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Is Premium Directory Submission worth the money?

Hey Everyone,

I am looking into doing some premium directory submission for my website through SubmitEdge.com - here is the relevant page: http://www.submitedge.com/premium-direc ... kages.html

Does anyone have any experience with this and if so what results did you get from it?

This service offers you 250 high pr directoires for $149. Is that good and will it boost my site much?

My website is www.songorama.com if you're interested.


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I don't have experience with SubmitEdge. But years ago, I found a site that reviewed and recommended the best paid directories to list with. It was very useful. I don't remember the name now, but you could try a Google search for "reviews of website directories" or such.

Just tried it and it turns out to be a difficult search - because you'll mostly get all kinds of directories and review sites, rather than reviews of directories for listing sites. Worth doing though.

Hope this helps....
_jim coe
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With Googles lattest Panda/Penguin updates links from directory sites and article sites have become less effective and may not give any help for your sites rankings.

I suggest you read up on link building strategies post penguin. Here is a good article that should help.

Never Give Up!!!
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Paul J. Burkhardt
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It would be hard to recoup the $149 investment in traffic from directories and SEO benefit. Hold onto it and study other ways that will give you more bang for the buck.
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mark schaaf
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As far as I am concerned it isn't worth the money, It would be for only one directory and people would find your site highly ranked only on that directory.
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If the directory is having high PR with quality directories, it will be worth enough. Actually, quality premium directory listings offer the links for minimum 2 or 3$. So its would not be better 250 links for 149$. get known completely about the directory sites and if it is worth , you can proceed.
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