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Is meta keywords still relevant?

mark schaaf
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Is meta keywords still relevant?

I read something the other day talking about meta keywords not meaning anything anymore and that search engines don't use it to rank which I never really thought they did anyway at least from meta keywords.

Anyway the article talked about how not having meta keywords people can't do a yahoo page source view and see what your keywords are. Also since search engines now claim they get more info from your articles and looking for keywords there could the article be true and we don't really need to worry about keywords in our meta data.

I have looked at some really big sites in different businesses and see many that don't have any meta keywords in the background so it seems some of what the article says may be true. What are your thoughts?
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The meta keywords have no influence in Google/Yahoo/Bing ranking; not anymore at least. But still, having meta keywords has an advantage in certain niche businesses and directories. If you decide to still use meta keywords for your website, stick to keywords that are related to your page.
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Meta keyword is an important factor related to your business websites. Meta keywords are the keywords that are related to your websites. Use the keywords related to your niche it will help your website to grow high online.
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Meta keywords are no longer being used by most search engines, especially Google. I suggest removing all meta keyword data because the only thing it does is it allows competitors to see what keywords you are trying to target.

Most popular search engines don't use this to rank anymore, and it is best to not do this.
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Using the keyword meta tag can assist your site in getting properly categorized in the web directories of certain niche businesses;
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Hi there,

Meta keywords are not important for google bot, but for other search engines, it does. Yahoo, bing, and other smaller search robots do care about these keywords. They help them associate the indexed content to the right keywords, at least in the starting phase. So, if you want to get rankings only in google and not in another search engine, remove the meta keywords.
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I too think that meta keywords have relevance in the SEO arena. They help your website rank among the other websites of the same niche. I very much doubt whether Google has totally abandoned them. I remember I read elsewhere that meta keywords are close to being called 'secondary keywords'!
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Hi! Check this one, it will share to you the importance of Meta Keywords.

The Importance of Keywords Meta Tag in SEO
http://marketinghangout.co/u/1422/the-i ... tag-in-seo
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Google doesn’t use Meta keywords in its ranking factors but other do consider them. It does only one thing that is it allows your competitors to check your main targeted keywords.
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It will be a plus among your competitors, just this advantage
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Meta keywords are those keywords which are important to the search engine. They help them to indexed content to the right keywords, at least in the starting phase. If you want to get rankings only in google and not in another search engine, remove the meta keywords.
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