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Is it good to outsource my SEO in Fiverr?

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Is it good to outsource my SEO in Fiverr?

Is it good to buy from Fiverr? I found Top Ten Guaranteed gig there with very a cheap price and with almost perfect feedback.
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For SEO/ranking your website, I personally do not recommend Fiverr simply because the quality of the links is questionable. Most of the offers in Fiverr for link building use automated tools, which are no longer effective since Panda and Penguin updates.
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My advice, don't... If you want to make sure SEO is done right, you have to look for other sources if you want it to be done by an expert. Or better yet, try learning SEO and do it on your own. At least you can make use of the knowledge you have learned for the benefit of your site/business...:)
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I think that Fiverr is better for designing and graphics than SEO service.

Before ordering any gigs, I would suggest you ask the seller as many as questions for clarification. You may also ask for the sample reports. If you are satisfied then only you should go for ordering the gig. Unless you do that, you may get some unusual results/report which may not be good for your website.
Best luck!
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I think SEO is so difficult in online marketing Fiverr.
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I thought Fiverr is not at all for SEO. There you can get kind of parts of SEO services.
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Expect to get 5 dollars worth of SEO when you buy from fiverr. Although there ARE a few golden nuggets there. You just have to search real hard
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Yeap.. I heared that Fiver is best for SEO.. Sepcially for YouTube SEO.. Try this out
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eLance.com and similar sites might work better for you than Fiverr. They have a bigger pool of SEO specialists you can tap into.

Regardless of where you will outsource SEO tasks to, it's important to go over the feedback for that service provider. Have a solid idea of what you want done, and the kind of links you're looking for. This means that you understand basic SEO at the very least.
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Spending money on SEO could prove artificial at the end. Then the question arises as to how one should SEO. Search engine optimization should be natural. Although your web page might take the extra time to appear on the first three pages of the results, natural SEO is long lasting and beneficial.
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Don't use Fiverr for backlinks pointing directly to your site. Although you may have some luck if the links are part of a pyramid (i.e. there are buffer pages in between your site and the Fiverr backlinks).
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affltr wrote:Is it good to buy from Fiverr? I found Top Ten Guaranteed gig there with very a cheap price and with almost perfect feedback.

A big no no. Their backlink is questionable. And SEO service for just small cash is not viable at all.
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It depends on the difficulty of keywords you are competing with. Fiverr can do some boring work as posting your link on various forums but my experience with them so far is that you get more or less what you've paid. So if you don't have big expectations for 5$ you will not be disappointed.
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In my experience you get what you pay for with SEO services. I certainly would not trust any service for $5, at least not to your main site, I think you'd be asking for trouble.
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outsource your SEO definitely can harm your site as these will have a common pattern and easily identifiable by Google algorithms. I'd advise you to disavow them because removing them is nearly impossible as these site owners rarely respond.

Instead of going for links, create a brand and engage with your potential customers. Get all your on-page elements right. Invest on schema. It's not going to be easy and quick. But definitely worth it.
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My experience. Never use Fiverr for SEO if you want long term results.
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It is highly recommended not to use it, so read about it firstly
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