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Is HTML a part of SEO?

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Is HTML a part of SEO?

In seo we create backlinks for particular website. It is not full seo but a strong part of it. Without creating backlinks it is not easy to rank better even you have great quality content. Sometimes we have to create backlinks by doing some html coding in posts. They who don't know much about html can be deprived of some useful backlinks. Here are two most important html and bb tags which are used to create links in posts.
<a href="your url">your keyword</a>
[url="your url"]your keyword[/url]
Html is a part of seo.
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mark schaaf
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This is nice but the problem is many places where people go to post comments such in blogs, forums and different chat places won't let you put that kind of stuff in a post. What many place require you to do is become a member of there group or blog and put your sites url in with your profile. It really isn't on the comment or post but if someone clicks on your name your site url will show up. It isn't always like this but most often. I might not count as a link but people can check out your site from your comments and you could get a sale.
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HTML is not necessarily a part of SEO, or is required to do proper SEO. In your example of adding links to forum posts or sites, there's usually a guide for users on how they can do that as some forums do not use the same codes when adding links to posts. Here in the the Affilorama, the HTML code to add URLs are "[url][/url]". For other forums it can be just "<a></a>"

Also, not a lot of forums or websites allow links on the actual post. They prefer their members to place links to their sites on their forum signatures, so there really is no need for HMTL knowledge there.

Basic HTML knowledge is used more in website building than in any other aspect of affiliate marketing. This is where you will find it extremely valuable to know a spot of HTML.
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HTML code is easily understanding by search engine spider, and there are so many options to optimize every part of website easily through HTML code. As my opinion YES it is the part of SEO.
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The search engine optimization's goal is to make your website search engine-friendly so that it can be found on the web. One of the components of making a website search-engine friendly is using proper HTML codes. So yes, HTML is part of SEO.
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HTML is not an essential part of SEO you can say but yes it is an important part. As there are plenty of image optimization techninques for SEO which are carried out by HTMLs only.
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HTML is not a part of SEO. It can only help in adding links on target queries while adding and sharing content anywhere. There are different ways to use HTML syntax in websites as example given by Cecille.
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HTML is important for SEO, as your website create pages, you send it to Google, so that they are able to index it in their search engine. It makes your website with more indexed content are much more easily found on a search result.
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No, HTML is not part of seo. HTML only help in adding links on target keywords.
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