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Is directory submission still important for ranking??

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While you can get some ranking scores in directory sites, these sites are considered low quality links. Unless you are promoting local SEO, it is better to spend your time and money to building backlinks from authority websites.
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Directory submission is an important off-page optimization process.
It is the process of adding our web site to a web directory.
Importance of Directoru submission:
1. Faster Indexing
2. Improves keyword ranking
3. Increases DA.
4. Should submit on high PR Directory website.
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I am with Maryt here, I do some submission here and there but I do not recommend you to spent a lot of time there for any of them for all that matters over time. How do you really plan to proceed with that ? I can see people are still doing that.
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I don't think it is really important and helps a lot in ranking. Still, if you get links from high authority directories and highly relevant to your niche then it can help in improving your sites authority and local traffic.
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Yes, of course, it is very helpful for SEO but only limited use only high authority directories otherwise you might be caught by google penalty.
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There answer is not confirmed! Directory sites provide very late backlink, and indexing issue also. Only very few site are remain on the web for work, they are giving nofollow link. But my suggestion would be, just go for another activities instead of directory submission.
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I don't think so directory submission is still effective for ranking. Better way blog and guest blogging.
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As per my knowledge directory submissions are not important for ranking, they are outdated now, instead of that you can go by blog commenting, forums, profile business listing and more. If you search off-page SEO tactics on google, you will also get some more information.
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Doing seo each and every step is important. Directory submission is one of link building technique. You can also try some *moderator removed link* companies.
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I don't think so directory submission is still important for ranking. You can either invest your time in creating back links.
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Yes it is still effective, all you need to choose a perfect category at a time of submission
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In recent years, Directory Submissions have taken on low priority, when compared to other SEO techniques. Backlinks are always very important and essential for websites to rank well, but always count on the quality of the links than the number.SEO experts always think twice on directory submissions after the many Google updates as they are thought to be spammy but when done safely, there are great foundation for your website providing the dofollow backlinks.
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