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Is copied site is not come on rank?

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Is copied site is not come on rank?

Hello friends i have a site. Its content is 11% copied. I do a lot of work for my website but it could not come on top rank. What can i do? Is it require to change content also.
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It is my understanding that the penalty for duplicate content is that you do not receive positive credit for the duplicated content. Assuming this is the case, the duplicate content would not be the deciding factor as to why your site has not ranked.

How competitive is the niche you have chosen? What is the on-page search engine optimization? What actions have you undertaken in regards to off-page search engine optimization?

The search engines are very good however they do not discover everything at the time of occurrence. Often published articles, forum comments, etcetera are not indexed providing a site with credit for its links. It takes time for the search engines to discover and acknowledge backlinks to a website.

Not all backlinking efforts are productive. Some backlinks have little or no value to a particular site. Many affiliate marketers in the hopes of avoiding manual labor will acquire links through a link-farm arrangement of one sort or another. These types of backlinks are not beneficial to a website over the long term. The search engines want to see relevant backlinks created naturally over a prolonged period.

Assuming you have done everything correctly there is still the factor of time. It takes time for your backlinks to be recognized. Using a service such as pingomatic.com helps lessen the time of recognition however the search engines still may ignore the pings as the numbers of pings have increased over the years drastically.

Start with your on-page seo work. Bring it up to A+ quality then begin working on your off-page seo work making sure your links are relevant to your site. Also add content that is NOT duplicate content.

Good luck in your efforts.

Margene Smith
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Yes you have to change content of your site.
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It's affected by panda, you need to post fresh and unique content in article and press release also.
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Google love fresh content and on page optimization is one best resource to crack your website on Google and also boost your web page rank. There are so many content writers available virtually. You can hire them and change your web content.

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It would be best to use original articles on your website mainly because search engines do not like duplicate content. They want to display unique relevant articles. If you are going to use the same article as someone else already has online, then your page will not get high rankings on the search results.
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You may need to change your content as that could be one factor while your site is not ranking. Do the articles on your site interesting and give value? Have you gone over your keywords? How about backlinks? Are you building backlinks to your pages?

Having duplicate content on your site alone is not a reason not to rank. Google is not so quick to penalize sites for duplicate content. It is how duplicate content is used in your site. You might want to read on how Google handles duplicate content.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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