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Is Backlinks useful for yahoo SERPs?

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Is Backlinks useful for yahoo SERPs?


I want to know whether backlinks are important in yahoo seo or not? I have seen several websites ranking well in google with fewer backlinks but nothing on yahoo. Please clarify.
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mark schaaf
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This is odd to me because I find the exact apposite, I see sites with few backlinks higher up on yahoo search results then with google, I often find site on page 5 on yahoo and the same site is on page 15 of google. Often the site is better then the ones in front of it in google and maybe that is why is it farther to the front on yahoo.
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They both are looking at different factors, but links are still important to both. However, Yahoo//Bing pay more attention to various on page factors such as links on the page, title, meta tags, ,meta weywords, H1, etc....

With good on page seo in place, you can often rank really well in yahoo and bing. However, part of that depends on the age of the base domain. They are not going to trust a site at all newer than 3 months, and it is up and down with a site less than a year old.
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The quality of backlinks really matter. It is possible to see a website with a few quality backlinks out rank a website with many more backlinks simply do to the quality of the backlinks.
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I don't have a answer for you but your not alone. My world of warcraft site http://superiorwowguide.com is number 2 in google for wow strategy guide, but number 8 in yahoo and bing. Also several of my pages rank mich lower in bing and yahoo, I don't know why but I no longer worry about it. My main concern is google and I think that with time my rankings will go up in bing and yahoo.
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Paul J. Burkhardt
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Backlinks are important in every single search engine. Yahoo is just like Google, without good backlinks you will not rank well. Maybe the problem is that you have more competition in Yahoo or maybe your backlinks are not being counted on Yahoo.I've seen sites with 1000 backlinks on google and 200 on Yahoo.

An On-page factor is more important than off-page factor in yahoo. It means also backlinks increases the ranking in Yahoo SERP.
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Backlinks are vital to a sites position on SERP. One factor that I think would cause a great impact on positioning well on SERP is the quality of backlinks that you have for your site. In instances like your site doesn't show the same position between these two search engines it might be because SE1 recognized that your site has 50 quality backlinks while SE2 recognized that your site has only 25 quality backlinks.
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Each of the individual search engines establish their own criteria building algorithms to check for a website verification of their requirements. Bing and Yahoo place a higher value on on-page data than Google's algorithm bot. Therefore the results attained will be different.

All the search engines have the same end goal of satisfying their customers. They just have different systems designed to fulfill the needs of those searching for information.

The search engines place value in backlinks. The number of backlinks are not as important as the quality of those links. A site that has a thousand zero page rank backlinks commonly is out ranked by a website with only a few page rank 4 through 6 backlinks. Edu. & Gov. links are especially powerful as they are also difficult to acquire.

Also a website's age along with the number of pages has alot to do with a website's positioning.

Margene Smith
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Backlinks are important for every search engine so for yahoo it is also important.
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hummer for sale
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Backlinks plays a important role in website promotion. It is impossible to promote a website in search engines without making its backlinks. So, In this respect backlinks are very necessary.
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Backlinks are important to Yahoo as with any other search engine. Backlinks help build up your site's relevance to other (related) websites, and to the internet as a whole. Google may just put more weight on it than Yahoo when ranking a site, thus the difference of ranking on the search engines for the same website.
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