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Is Anyone Still Earning From SEO?

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Is Anyone Still Earning From SEO?

Who still does SEO to make a full time living? Do you think its still relevant?
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SEO is still very much relevant and a lot of people are earning full time doing SEO work. A lot of business are are still benefiting from it.

I don't think SEO will ever be dead, unless search engines die which is next to impossible. The internet has a lot of information and we need search engines to help us gather information we specifically need.

Have a good day!
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SEO has no 'death' thanks to a healthy competition among the various search engines on the Web. You can see each search engine has its own style when it comes to making people use it. This is the real strength behind the success of SEO.
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alan roy hocking
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SEO marketing is still and always will be my main source of my affiliate income.

Not only Is it free traffic, if you get it right it can be a very comfortable passive income source for a very long time!
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Hey all!
SEO can never "DIE". Remember SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, it is simply creating an ideal situation for your website to rank well in a given search query. The site that best fits the keyword and link structure that the search engine judges relevancy on will be the site that ranks the best. The challenge is being able to adapt your site so that other people will continue to build links to your site because they like it. This should help to keep your rankings high once you have built a good link base yourself.

Google is changing all the time which means that a site that ranked #1 5 years ago might not rank at all anymore for a given keyword but it may now rank well for keywords that you were not even shooting for.

Never Give Up!!!
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Paul J. Burkhardt

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