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hi everybody

this is Sam. Well am new to this forum as well as SEO. I am very excited to have chosen to be a part of your

community and looking forword to get some extra ordinary insormation about online marketing.

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Welcome Sam. You've picked a great forum with many knowledgeable and friendly people. If you have any questions, I know that the members and staff will do their best to answer them and I'm happy to help as well.
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HI to All ! I fetch about on a lot of learning and attractive objects on this forum. So, I have firmed to join this forum. I am very glad to become a part of this forum. I wish my stay on this forum real good and according to my prospects.

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Welcome Sam and Deming!

I am sure that you will enjoy this forum as we have many friendly and helpful people that help each other to build a successful internet marketing business.

Feel free to ask anything that you want and we will try to give you our best opinion's.

Never Give Up!!!
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Paul J. Burkhardt
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Welcome to the SEO world.

You should not give up in this seo world of course since it is going to be your great income.

However, building backlinks are pretty hard these days, and ranking on Google. So I often outsource my backlinks at http://backlinking4seosite.com for my projects. Building backlinks take time, you already know that :)

It's always great to outsource your backlinks though :)
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mark schaaf
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First thing I can tell you is to try and keep a cool head because I believe everyone in these forums have at one point in time has had brain over load because there is so much to learn and many ways of doing the same thing well because sometimes it is the site that changes the way you to things. So take your time because it will take time nothing here really happens fast.
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