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Internal Linking

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Internal Linking

whats the best structure for internal linking, two links on a post or three, and how many internal links can you send to one post.
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jason l clifton

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Hi jayclifton34,

I ink to only one or two related posts in each article. Aside from those two, I link to one or two external sites, usually resources. 1 is the minimum, and most of the time, that should be enough. You wouldn't wan too many links on each article.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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mark schaaf
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I normally base how many internal links I have on the article I am writing, I could be writing something where I could mention things on several other pages and if i do that i would link to each page mentioned. If I am writhing about something that I am not mentioning anything about any of my other pages I may not put in a link at all I may just put a link back to the home page but most often I will try and work something into an article that refers to something in another page.
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To me link structure deals to a lesser extent with the quantity of links but rater with a hierarchy internal links are organized by.
I usually keep a few basic rules about internal links in mind:
-anchor text should contain descriptive phrases (with and without keywords), as well as 'read more' elements, for the sake of anchor text diversity;
-internal links reflect a site's hierarchy, which basically means that links go down from homepage to inner pages, from category pages down to subcategory pages and from subcategory pages to product pages, shopping cart etc. (although this rule is not written in stone);
-it is possible to organize internal link structure in such a way that link juice will be spread organically (for instance, if a page has many external links, one can put some internal links right from this page to redistribute link juice among all the pages and improve other pages' ranking).
And as for the quantity, it depends on a topic and context, but 2 to 4 links for a short article usually do well for me.
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An Internal Link is a link that goes to a the same domain (e.g., example.com to example.com/page2.html) is considered an internal link. There are times where links within the same domain may be considered external, such as when there are various different sites within the domain.
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Internal linking can be very effective when it comes to building on-page SEO tactics. It also helps a great deal in site navigation.
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You can make two anchor text in a post where you can link to another previous post to interlink the posts. Make sure interlinking doesn't look like spam.
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Internal Links are hyperlinks that point at (target) the same domain as the domain that the link exists on (source).
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i like to keep mine at 2 to 4 links, but i have seen many longer pages in the weight loss industry with closer to 10 to 20 links per page that rank very highly in the search engines.
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Dale Dupree
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It's the opinion of many that you really can't have too many internal links on a page or post.
Look at Wikipedia for example. Every page has numerous internal links.
However, when posting internal links it's a good idea to only use your exact keyword as the anchor text once. But...you can use variations of your keyword as anchor text as many times as you like. But when doing this, make sure the internal page you're linking to is relevant to the post/page topic.
For example: If your keyword is "freshwater fishing" and you have another post titled "Trout Fishing in Freshwater" you could use that as the anchor text to link back to that page as it contains both keywords.
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Right now I'm tweaking my site for better on-page SEO, so internal linking is involved.

I often have 1 - 2 links pointing to Wikipedia, while the others leading to related posts on my site ( in the "Read more" box at the end of each article), around 2 - 3 links.
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internal links is an important element of search engine marketing. Unlike external linking the site owner has complete control over internal links, so it's important to make the most of it.
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